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We are sponsoring a Mexican American immigrant single mother operating a Cleaning Service in South Orange County. She currently has approximately 20 homes and contracts two other Mexican American women. The principal wants to expand her business in the next 12-months to 40 homes and thinks she can do it with just one more contracted assistant. She needs marketing expense, uniforms, equipment and donated supplies estimated at $3,000.

Our Second opportunity came through our founders involvement with the United Nations and a Women’s Gender Equality seminar. We are partnering with an existing venture to fund a grant to provide 25 teen single mothers who are victims of sexual abuse housed at an orphanage in Guatemala. Monies will be used primarily for developing secular holistic mental health recovery programs and education. Faith based funding is coming from another nonprofit and this venture will provide options to expand programming.

Seeds To Empower is pursuing an opportunity to partner with at least two large regional banks to refer Small Business loans to them. We will propose education, seminar, promotion and social media marketing efforts for small business loans in the $10,000-$5,000,000 range. Loans referred will not cost borrowers or prospects and addition beyond perhaps a small deposit to allow business owners a chance to prove loyalty and intent with token  investment in the project.

These banks have Community Reinvestment goals and requirements from their Federal Bank Regulators, some Sunshine Provisions.   Seeds staff and colleagues will work to raise funds to handle the quality small loans under $10,000 and will either keep or sell these loan pools.  
This targeted project will begin focused mainly in Los Angeles and Orange County. However, we will also ramp up and target San Francisco, Las Vegas, Nashville, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and New York.

The team is currently being assessed.

Timea E Nagy

Survivor of Sex Trafficking, Award winning International Human Rights advocate, author, speaker, and educator.

In 2009 Ms. Nagy founded an organization called Walk With Me Victim Services, where she ran a safe house for victims of sex trafficking and an outreach program. 149 Law Enforcement agencies across the country relied on her work and her agency assisted 300 victims within a short period of 4 years. Unfortunately, her organization had to close in 2015 due to ongoing insufficient funding while she still had 57 ongoing cases and victims in her care. Ms. Nagy tried to plea to large corporations, the Government, and private funders to help to keep the doors open but unfortunately no one helped.

Ms. Nagy decided to start a for profit company, Timea’s Cause, with the goal of making money so that she can eventually re-open her safe house and continue to provide the victims with specialized care and continue to support Law Enforcement.

Timea’s Cause is currently a leading company in education and consulting for various sectors in North America on how to tackle this issue. Past and current clients are major financial institutions, law enforcement, tech companies, and more. Timea’s Cause creates job opportunities for survivors of sex trafficking, mentorship programs, rehabilitation programs and funds smaller or large victim rescue initiatives in Canada and the United states.
Timea’s Market (a department of Timea’s Cause) is a selection of organic-handmade-fairtrade products made by victims to support victims. We sell the products online and during our seminars and conferences.

Timea’s Market is growing extremely rapidly and at this time we are in need of $50,000 seed money to hire two more survivors part-time to assist with product management and ongoing customer service, as we are not eligible for a bank loan yet.

Our company policy and workplace ethic is trauma formed based. Our office environment, hours of operation, and shifts are thoughtfully created around Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression.

Our goal is to make this company a multi-million-dollar empire so that we can re-open our safe houses across North America, employ survivors of sex trafficking and human trafficking, and help our survivors in becoming healthy and happy members of our society.
Creating second chances is what we are all about.

I, Timea, wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for all the amazing people who took me under their wings after I escaped.
Thank you for your support.

Kindest regards,
Timea E. Nagy


Seeds To Empower is preparing to start projects in Mexico (Jalisco and Baja), Honduras and Puerto Rico. We are also headed to Micronesia (Guam and Saipan) Korea,Taiwan and India.

We are Very excited to be forming teams in these locations.

Stay tuned

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