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Seeds To Empower is a sponsored nonprofit 501(c)(3) organized for the purpose of providing financial support (seed money) for small business entrepreneurs to startup or expand an existing business. We target primarily women-owned and minority-owned causes or that re-gentrify economically depressed areas to reinvest in under reached communities. 

We focus mainly on helping individuals with a hand up in the form of a micro loan or grant to bridge the gap toward empowerment.  We also provide financial awareness training as all recipients return periodically for continued and ongoing training and build community. 

Seeds To Empower will also take on projects related to community redevelopment and partner with community and regional banks to assist them in carrying out their CRA duties. We will provide education to small business owners in low to moderate income areas, we will promote and liaison with community groups that represent various ethnic, and re-development objectives including chambers of commerce, places of worship, other nonprofits, and community activist groups.

We will also refer small business loans to banks and financial institutions that are above $10,000 for large or small businesses that need larger borrowing dollars then what the MICRO funding projects can handle. Fees will be generated from the banks, not from business owners, as referral fees under the authorization of the SBA.

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